Keys to victory.. Lakers vs Celtics

– Don’t stress Doc Rivers’ man D he plays
– Pass the ball a lot the first few games
– Only allow Kobe to take over if needed

– Allow Kobe to get his, worry about the others
– Bump Gasol around down low
– Continually have Rondo press the ball up court

Mikes prediction: Celtics in 6


Ron Artest with the buzzer beater!

wooh.. what a game that was. Pheonix ended up suffering the final blow though. Great game to watch and a great effort by the Suns and Steve Nash to not give up from around 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. After repeatedly taking shots in which the crowd yelled in anger, Ron Artest ended up putting a cloud in front of the Suns when he sunk the buzzer beater after an airball by Kobe Bryant.

Tim Tebow has highest selling jersey in NFL

Tim Tebow currently has the highest selling jersey in the NFL since entering.

^ looks pretty nice.

Yankees lose to Redsox

in a game where Juan Miranda did everything he could to win, the Yankees managed to find a way to come up short 7-6..

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Lebron James shopping for houses in Chicago area

two sources from the Chicago area have reported Lebron has begun shopping for houses in the Chicago area.

I’m Back!

for the one or two viewers that will view my page today.. continue to roll through!

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what Mike is watching today

1pm EST- Duke vs Georgetown
4pm EST- Vanderbilt vs Kentucky
7pm EST- Kansas vs Kansas St