Tim Tebow

January 20, 2010 3 comments

“Tim Tebow” the name just strikes fear into members of the SEC and whoever is playing against the Florida Gators that week. But just how much further does it go then that? How popular could this homeschooled QB from Jacksonville, Florida be? Is he envisioned on the same level as commercial stars such as Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning? I doubt it.. But that’s for one reason; he is currently not allowed to promote himself through commercials. NCAA has strict regulations on this topic. But is Tim Tebow the next marketable athlete?

The fan base of Tim Tebow is unbelievable. He has people that follow him around writing his every movement, some of these people he doesn’t even know. He has numerous websites where he is the topic of discussion people even make up “superman jokes” about Tebow. The name has to carry some sort of legacy. What makes him so popular? Is it his looks? Is it because he is the starting QB at the University of Florida? Personally, I think it is how he presents himself.

If anyone was alive in 2008, I’m sure you have heard the story about Tim Tebow’s heartwarming post game press conference after the Florida Gators had lost to the Mississippi Rebels in the Swamp (nickname for Florida’s home field) Tebow actually shed tears during his speech, showing much emotion and love for the game. Let alone he promised and fulfilled his statement in which he promised to go undefeated the rest of the season and promising to win the National Champion. How many other players do you know that have done this? Making statements like this before have backfired. Take a look at Tom Brady before the Super Bowl in 2008 against the Giants; Plaxico Burress made a statement “New England will be lucky to score 14 points against us” Tom Brady quickly backfired releasing a statement of his own saying “haha they are only giving us 14?” Hello Tom Brady, the SB42 Champions are here.. and they are the New York Giants! By the way? How many points did the Patriots score that game? I’m just simply stating that it is very hard to live up to expectations after making a statement like that. Superstitious people would like to call it a “jinx”.

Tim Tebow also volunteers himself at many local charities for his religious beliefs. He is a firm supporter of his religion (Christianity) heck, he even writes “John 3:16” on the eye black on his right eye. Tebow is the only player in NCAA history to be allowed to accept donations for his charities while he is still a college athlete. Hardcore fans of Tim Tebow have even created a clothing line with many of his creative and inventive quotes on the back, followed by the “S on the chest” representing Superman.

College Football fans everywhere will tell you as much as they might say they hate Tebow, his work he does on the field and for the community is simply breathtaking. Tebow’s Girlfriend has stated that if he was in every commercial he was offered, he would be on every TV station for at least 15 minutes a day, however the NCAA denies college athletes to promote and do commercials. Tim Tebow will forever be remembered in College football as one of the greats. He is one of only two players to win the Heisman trophy as a sophomore, and is the leading candidate right now to win it again this year. For all his hard work and dedication, he deserves some sort of respect for all he has done.

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Bill Cowher

Jerome Bettis said on Sirius radio, that the reason he is not in the NFL coaching at the moment.. is due to his own stubborness of wanting to coach for the New York Giants and only the New York Giants because of his relationship with the Mara family. Encouraging news if I were a Giants fan.. however my favorite team happened to miss a field goal against them in the Superbowl. Now we lose out to them on Cowher.

I am deeply saddened by the actions of Lane Kiffin

January 13, 2010 1 comment

If I were in Tennessee I would be rioting too. It is absolutely terrible what he just did to that team. He took the coaches and the recruiting organizer.. who on top of that, before leaving Tennessee when he was meeting with the players, offered every UT early enrollment a spot on the USC roster. Just sickening. Tennessee should have been smarter then having an 800k buyout option on a coach that you are planning to take the reigns of your school for years to come. Lane is dead to me.

Notre Dame update

Brian Kelly has been meeting with most of the Charlie Weis recruits to ensure that they will still be attending Notre Dame, in doing so when visiting with Tai-ler Jones (my favorite recruit) from Georgia, Tai-ler mentioned his personal friend, and current University of Tennessee recruit, Mikey Taylor Mikey won the player of the game award in the Under-Armour All American game for his squad (Black Team) and is set to meet with Brian Kelly to gauge interest in going to Notre Dame with his friend Tai-ler, who was Mikey’s roomate during the stay for the All-American Game.

Thanks Tai-ler!

Most exciting Irish news I have heard from a while.

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Mikes thoughts..

December 23, 2009 1 comment

Brian Kelly’s first Notre Dame commit

Austin Collinsworth RB/S 3*** recruit

Oddly enough he is from the Cincy area.. and had a previous relationship with Kelly. Isn’t that cute.

P.S. Kyle Prater commited to USC and is enrolling early

Yankees traded the Melk-Man for a 4th pitcher in the rotation.. I’m ok with this deal and thats it.. ok.. the player nobody is mentioning is the prospect Arodys Vizcaino who is in fact related to Luis Vizcaino.. this young man is tearing up the low minors with a 2.13 ERA, 1.15 WHIP and 52/15 K/BB ratio in 10 starts (42 1/3 innings) at the Single-A Staten Island.

Buffalo Bills finally smartened up and are officially starting Brian Brohm this week against Atlanta. Personally I would love if Brian Brohm could at least stop the bleeding for a little while.

Funny story of the week.. I have a friend who attends the same school as me and is currently a Washington Redskins fan. My friend and his father had purchased tickets to see the MNF game that occured last night when the Redskins were 1-1, and they thought this game would mean something, they purchased airfare and the whole big ordeal.. only to come to last nights game with the Redskins being everything but good and on top of that they had lost 45-12 last night to NFC East rival NY Giants. My friend told me the total for both tickets was around 225. Ah.. Danny Snyder. What a waste of my friends money.

Yankees mock.

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Trade Swisher..
Sign Holiday sign Aroldis Chapman.
Jon Garland? hmm..


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So who is Sid Gillman?

December 17, 2009 1 comment

I’m not going to lie, when I was approached with the name Sid Gilman, I had no idea who was being talked about. However it boggles my mind that after doing some research that this iconic figure has slipped through the cracks of knowledge in which I contain inside of my mind.

Sid Gillman was born on October 26th, 1911 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child Sid was interested in playing sports with his friends around the neighborhood, one day when one of his buddies had mentioned a new activity, Sid and his friends decided to start playing this activity. This activity was football and has been a part of Sid’s life ever since. Sidney Gillman attended Ohio State University and actually participated in the first collegiate NCAA Football all-star game, history has it that Sid was flattened by Bronko Nagurski. Which must hold some significance in most people’s minds because in recent day history the best Defensive player in College Football earns a trophy with Bronko’s name on it. At Ohio State Sid Gillman was an all Big 10 player as well as a captain at Ohio State. Gillman then went on to play one year with the Cleveland Browns who played in what was the AFL at the time. After Sid’s one year tenure as a player of the Cleveland Browns he was offered a position as a assistant head coach at Denison University in Ohio which is a suburb 30 miles outside of Columbus. Following the Denison University job Sid later became the assistant coach at Ohio State a few years after, then following this college coaching job he had finally reached the prestigious Head Coach honors which were given to him by the University of Miami, and University of Cincinnati.

After continued success at the collegiate level Sid was offered the head coaching position of the L.A. Rams at the time in which yet again he was successful by leading them to the NFL championship game in 1955.. And yes I said NFL. Don’t worry shortly after his job was done he accepted a head coaching position with the San Diego Chargers of the AFL and led them to 5 division titles and 1 AFL championship. Once again following his success he accepted a job with another team in the Houston Oilers, however he only coached for one year, and nothing significant came from his 1 year tenure in Houston.

Even after reaching these accolades the most impressive thing Sid Gillman did in my mind is revolutionized the game of football. Sid has a philosophy that differed from the others. Sid believed the ball needed to be moved through the air for big plays. Which is still an effective method of moving the ball today. Sid believed their was a time and a place for packages, formations, and sets and he used them in the most effective manner that he could.
Sid is also a glorified man who has the label of coming up with the idea of a Superbowl. Gillman had approached the NFL commissioner at the time who was Pete Rozelle and presented the idea of having the two championship teams square off in one game. Well.. 43 of these games later.. it seemed like a pretty good idea from Sid.

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