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Keys to victory.. Lakers vs Celtics

– Don’t stress Doc Rivers’ man D he plays
– Pass the ball a lot the first few games
– Only allow Kobe to take over if needed

– Allow Kobe to get his, worry about the others
– Bump Gasol around down low
– Continually have Rondo press the ball up court

Mikes prediction: Celtics in 6


Ron Artest with the buzzer beater!

wooh.. what a game that was. Pheonix ended up suffering the final blow though. Great game to watch and a great effort by the Suns and Steve Nash to not give up from around 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. After repeatedly taking shots in which the crowd yelled in anger, Ron Artest ended up putting a cloud in front of the Suns when he sunk the buzzer beater after an airball by Kobe Bryant.